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School Uniforms

The community of Collie Senior High School has a designated school uniform for the following reasons.

  • uniforms enhances a sense of belonging, equality and community spirit
  • separates school from leisure time, focusing students’ efforts on learning
  • prepares students for the expectations of post school employment
  • assists the school identify unwelcome strangers
  • promotes a positive image of the school by ensuring a minimum standard of presentation of all students

Our school colours are red, light blue and dark blue.

Uniform Shop

The P&C uniform shop is open for your convenience each Friday morning from 8.20am to 8.45am. Volunteers are welcome at the uniform shop and if any parents, guardians or anyone part of the school community would like to be apart of the P&C contact the front office. 

Click here for our new online ordering system

If you have any questions or need help with the new ordering system please don't hesitate to contact our friendly P&C Volunteers during the above times.

Recognised uniform items

  • School polo shirts (blue, white or House colours)
  • School cotton print dress
  • School track pants, School navy shorts
  • Blue/black shorts, trousers or skirt
  • School jumper, spray jacket or fleece jacket
  • School leavers jackets
  • Approved school clothing award to a particular group
  • School blazer, white dress shirt, school tie

Special Conditions

For the safety and well-being of your child, and for the reputation of our school we advise that:

  • closed footwear is required (no thongs or strapless sandals)
  • excessive jewellery is not allowed (a watch and simple sleepers or studs in pierced ears is preferred)
  • denim clothing is not allowed at school as per the Department of Education policy
  • appropriate protection from the sun is required
  • no branded clothing or clothing with inappropriate slogans is permitted
  • no board shorts, hoodies or ugg boots are to be worn
  • school policy that any visible tattoos or facial piercings must be covered at all times
Please note:
  • In cold weather extra warmth can be gained by layering items under the official uniform items.
  • Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name.
  • And finally ... thank you for ensuring your child’s uniform is spick and span. It ensures our students look and feel great!
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