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Student Services

Collie Senior High School has an extensive pastoral care system to support and guide our students. Student Services staff focus on early intervention to assist students in need by establishing effective collaboration between students, staff, parents and external agencies to best support student academic achievement and wellbeing.

We assist in the development of sound emotional, physical, social and psychological health. We promote the school’s expectations of Aspiration – Respect – Commitment - Honesty so that all students experience a sense of belonging and connection with their school community.

Do I know who I go to if I

  • feel upset?
  • need help with my study routine?
  • feel stressed?
  • have an issue I need help with?
  • am struggling with my friends?
  • need first-aid?
  • have a health issue?
  • need general support?

 Roles and Responsibilities

Student Engagement Manager

  • Manages the operation of the Student Services Centre
  • Coordinates the transition program from Years 6 to 7
  • Offers one to one support to students, staff and families
  • Works closely with the Deputies and Student Services Team on all matters to do with student behaviour and social and emotional development

House leaders

  • Responsible for the pastoral care of students by offering advice and support in all aspects of school life including subjects, study, social and family concerns
  • Provides leadership and direction to their House
  • Encourages students to participate in school and community events
  • Liaises with parents about academic, social and emotional issues concerning students


  • Supports students and parents in time of need
  • Supports a caring consciousness within the school

School Nurse

  • Identifies students who may have health problems which affect them in school
  • Prepares care plans and procedures to manage health problems
  • Provides health education for students, staff and parents and health promotions
  • Is a resource for students, staff and parents and provides links to outside agencies

School Psychologist

  • Mental health and well-being:
    • Provides direct support for students experiencing mental health and well-being difficulties
    • Assists the school and children to maximise development of positive mental health and well-being
  • Learning:
    • Where appropriate, conducts assessments of students experiencing learning difficulties and/or disabilities at school
    • Supports the school in making appropriate curriculum adjustments for students in order to enhance their learning outcomes
  • Behaviour:
    • Works with students, parents and the school to identify and change target behaviours at the individual, group and systemic level

Aboriginal and Indigenous Education Officers (AIEO’s)

  • provide support to staff, students and the Aboriginal community in an effort to enhance the effectiveness of school based programs.
  • support to the school and class teacher, a positive role model, consultant to the education program and teaching aspects of Aboriginal culture.
  • Liaison Role between Aboriginal parents and teachers encouraging parent involvement in school, and conducting home liaison visits.

 Youth Focus

  • Works with Collie Senior High School one day per week
  • Provide free, professional counselling service for young people who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts depression, anxiety and self harm

Student Services Building

  • Most team members are housed in the Student Services Centre, there is a staff member on duty from 8.15am to 3.15pm Monday to Friday

 Contact List

Student Engagement Manager

Mrs Corry-Lynne Blurton

House Leaders

Phoenix – Mrs Candice Ienco

Muja – Miss Kirsten Thomson

Griffin – Mr Chris Ireland

Wellington – Mrs Coralie Cole



School Psychologist

Mrs Brooke Curtis

School Nurse

Mrs Michelle La Roche (Mon & Wed)

Ms Valinda Sabourne (Tues)


Miss Tobie Watson


Ms Narelle Carroll


Ms Kelly Hallissey


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