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A dedicated team of highly experienced teachers, committed to both the school and the Collie community, deliver the Science curriculum at Collie Senior High School.

Along with many years of experience delivering Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology and Physics to students at the highest secondary level, our team also includes highly experienced teaching staff specialising in delivering Primary to Year 10 Science.

Through establishing high expectations of student behaviour and performance, regular parent contact and along with our supportive and caring approach, our team encourages all students to achieve to their potential and reach their goals.

All strands of the Western Australian Curriculum are delivered to all Junior Secondary school students in streamed classes, with extra support provided and adjustments made for students finding it difficult to meet their expected Science Achievement Standard.


The Collie Senior High School Science Department additions and improvements were opened in November 2007.

This has seen the rooms substantially upgraded from the 1960's style with fixed rows of benches in classrooms to more flexible learning areas comprising 4 laboratory classrooms and 1 large lecture theatre style classroom with the capacity for demonstrations at the front desk.

Gas, electricity and water are provided at the sides of the laboratories for experiments and investigations, mobile work benches in the centres with stools with back supports for group work, book work or teacher centred learning. At the back of each room is additional work space, power and data networking.

The science office is spacious and allows for collaboration between staff as well as conferencing and kitchen facilities.

The preparation area has a large storage area for a myriad of equipment and chemicals to provide for a full range of experiments and demonstrations to suit from simple Year 7 experiments, to dissection tools, microscopy, electronics and complex chemical analysis equipment.

Science Staff.

The current (2019) permanent staff are:

Mr Moulden – Head of Science since 2005. Physical Science Specialist. 30+ years experience.

Mrs Moulden – Human Biology and Biology Specialist. 20+ years experience.

Mr Duff – Biology, Human Biology and ICT specialist. 10+ years experience.

Mrs Cole – Junior Secondary specialist. 10+ years experience.

Mrs Annandale – Junior Secondary specialist, some experience with senior physics. 10+ years experience.

Mrs Alfieri - Biology Specialist. 5+ years experience.

Mrs McIllree - Junior Secondary Specialist 5 + years experience.

Frequently Collie Senior High School Science Department accept trainee teachers to complete their teaching practicums. (Mrs Cole completed her final teaching practicums at Collie Senior High School, and it is interesting to note that Mr Varis, Mrs Coralie, Mrs Annandale and Ms Machin are all ex students of Collie Senior High School, adding to the strong community links this school already has.)


Junior Secondary – Years 7 – 10

Currently, Collie Senior High School is running streamed Years 7 – 10 Science classes for all Junior Secondary students.

Collie Senior High School Science Department lead the way in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum, and continue to refine and make adjustments to suit the community dynamics and changing department priorities.

Since 2013, the Australian Curriculum has been completely implemented for Years 8 – 10 in all Science strands (Biological Science, Chemical Science, Earth and Space Science and Physical Science). This was well before the required implementation schedule. - Link to the Australian Curriculum –


There is a high degree of rigour in these courses, with high expectations for all students to work to the best of their ability. There are a wide variety of tasks covering both the practical and theoretical aspects of Science. These tasks include classwork and homework, experiments and investigations, research and assignment work, mini tests and topic tests (examinations). Students work to earn marks for each assessment task, which go towards a final score for the strand. This is used, in conjunction with the Science Achievement Standards, to allocate a letter grade (A – E) for each strand, and an overall grade for Science.  Support mechanisms are in place to assist students with difficulties, and adjustments made to help them achieve to their potential.

Our intention is to best prepare all students for their next year of study, and ultimately, their destination beyond their studies in Years 11 and 12.

The courses are designed so that Science Inquiry Skills, Science as a Human Endeavour, literacy and numeracy development, indigenous persprctives and the use of ICT is embedded, along with the other general capabilities as required by the Australian Curriculum.

In addition to the Year 7 – 10 programs, Collie Senior High School Science Department also supports teachers and students from the local primary schools in their Science courses.

Senior Secondary

Collie Senior High School Science Department has the human and physical resources and experience to deliver the following WACE courses to Year 12: Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology, Physics, Physical Science, Psychology and Integrated Science, although student demand determines which of these can run from year to year. Typically these classes are of 15 students or less due to the small school size, which allows for a more tailored approach for student learning with strong support mechanisms.

Years 11 and 12 | Science (


According to state testing results, students studying Science at Collie Senior High School typically achieve better results than students in like schools. Science competition results indicate that participating Collie Senior High School Junior School students performed as well as or better than other participating students nationally and within W.A.

Graduating Senior School students from Collie Senior High School typically are accepted into their first or second preference at university. Collie Senior High School Science Department are proud to have educated many students who have gone on to be Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Engineers, Scientists, Teachers and a multitude of other professions.

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