Student Council



Our Student Council forms a very important part of our school decision-making and leadership team through the representation of student views.

2023 School Captains

Austin Bates and Ebony Whitney

2023 Prefects

Austin Bates, Ebony Whitney, Baxter Miller, Elizabeth Mortimer, Megan Roney, Skye Washer and Isabella Peden

2023 Student Councillors

Year 11 - Katy O'Brien, Tyson Washer, Lola Henderson, Alexis Milne

Year 10 - Jay Chapman, Keet O'Brien, Ruby Whitney and Jet Gliddon

Year 9 - Heidi Ireland, Kaz Digney, Regan Moloney and Rory Millman

Year 8 - Macqui Jones, Thomas Whitney, Harper Roney and Ava Roney

Year 7 - James Fraser, Lucas Stewart, Sierra Martin and Sophia Michael





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