Student Council

Our Student Council forms a very important part of our school decision-making and leadership team through the representation of student views.

2024 School Captains

Lola Henderson and Alexis Milne

2024 Vice Captain

Rose Harrington

2024 Prefects

Lola Henderson, Alexis Milne, Rose Harrington, Iago Sloan, Beau Milne, Katy O'Brien, Lainey Shepherd and Amber Michael

2024 Student Councillors

Year 11 - Ruby Whitney, Keet O'Brien, Luca Miller and Connie Davey

Year 10 - Liam van Beuningen, Jackie Alfieri, Leah Robertson and Jayde Stocks

Year 9 - Dane Becker, Ava Roney, Tom Whitney and Harper Roney

Year 8 - Kobi Wiese, Keith Ambrose, Chaz Roney and James Fraser

Year 7 - Annabel Bronickis, Quinn Roney, April Rabjones and Lilah Tilbrook





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