• Buses and Parking

Buses and Parking

Information about school bus routes can be found at

There is ample parking available at the school for dropping off and picking up your child.

Parking is available on Pendleton Street (off Wittenoon Street).

Bus Services - Contacts

The Out of Town Bus run is for those students who:

  • are enrolled in the nearest school
  • who regularly attend school and use the approved ‘orange’ school bus for at least 6 trips per week
  • live more that 4.5kms for the school

To Apply

To apply for Transport Assistance you need to:

  • log on to
  • click on the Parents section
  • select the Application for Transport Assistance
  • follow the prompts

 Out of town bus contacts

Bus 1 North East Robert Swindell 0418 947 880 
Bus 2 Muja Carissa Page 0419 770 700
Bus 3 Cardiff / McAlinden Robert Swindell 0418 947 880
Bus 4 Noggerup/Mumbalup Robert Swindell 0418 947 880
Bus 5 Worsley Robert Swindell 0418 947 880
Bus 6 Mungallup / Allanson Discontinued  
  Darkan Nicholls Transport (Narrogin) 9881 1736

Town bus run

The Town Bus run is for students who live in town and wish to catch a bus to or from school.  Please contact either Carissa Page 0419 770 700 or Robert Swindell 0418 947 880 to arrange a suitable location for the drop off/pick up of your child.  There is a nominal fee charged per trip and this is payable to the bus driver who will exchange the money for tickets.

Town bus run contacts

Coalfields Bus Service – Carissa Page 0419 770 700

Robert Swindell - 0418 947 880

Click here to view the bus contacts






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