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Upper School

Years 11 and 12 represent the senior years of school. They are generally the final two years of a student's secondary school career and prepare them for the world outside school. This may be further study at university, if students are pursuing a professional career, TAFE colleges when seeking a vocational trade or qualification or may be direct access to employment. As per West Australian Government requirements all students must be in some form of education until the end of the year in which they turn 17 1/2 or 18. At Collie Senior High School we provide a full suite of courses to enable students to study and prepare for their desired post school pathway.

University bound students have access to ATAR courses in English, Mathematics Methods, Mathematics Applications, Physics, Media Production and Analysis, Chemistry, Physical Education Studies, Human Biology, Visual Arts, Biology, Politics and Law, Accounting, Modern History, Psychology and many other courses via the School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE). Students studying any course through SIDE have the extra support of expert teachers in the school as well as a Learning Support Coordinator who works with them in timetabled classes to assist in setting study goals. This is invaluable preparation for the ways in which Universities are delivering much of their course work via online lectures and tutorials.

For students seeking a Vocational pathway to further training or apprenticeships we offer a wide range of general courses in English, Mathematics, Career and Enterprise, Food Science and Technology, Materials design and Technology (Wood and Metals), Visual Arts, Physical Education Studies. Alongside these courses students also have a range of Certificate 2 courses such as Engineering Trades, Information and Digital Multimedia Technology, Community Services, Heavy Duty and Light Duty Automotive Servicing, Visual Arts and a few others. In addition to these we also offer Workplace Learning to eligible students to provide them with experience and skills in the world of work.

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