• School Hours

School Hours and Attendance

Monday to Friday
Assembly Day
Warning Bell 8:40am     Warning Bell 8:40am
Period 1 8:45 - 9:49     Assembly 8:45 - 9:20
Period 2 9:50 - 10:54     Period 1 9:21 - 10:07
Recess 10:54 - 11:18     Period 2 10:08 - 10:54
Period 3 11:18 - 12:22     Recess 10:54 - 11:18
Period 4 12:23 - 1:27     Period 3 11:18 - 12:22
lunch 1:27 - 1:56     Period 4 12:23 - 1:27
Period 5 1:56 - 3:00     Lunch 1:27 - 1:56
        Period 5 1:56 - 3:00

NOTE: On Assembly Days students attend Period 1 and are accompanied by the teacher to the assembly.

Every Day Matters

Attendance at Collie Senior High School

Every day your child attends school matters. In secondary school this is even more important. Each day your child will learn something new so it is important to attend school every day. There is a direct correlation between attendance and achievement – which is why we place such importance on attendance at our school.

In Australia, attendance at school is compulsory from Pre-primary until the end of the year they turn 17 years of age.

From time to time your child may need to be absent from school. When this occurs please send a note of explanation to their Form Teacher when they return to school. If an absence is unexplained, we will contact you.

Teachers also appreciate, where possible, some advance notice of your child’s absence so they can prepare homework or make adjustments to their learning program.

Punctuality is also important. Your child is expected at school in time for the commencement of Period 1. If your child is late to school they require a note of explanation and to sign in at the front office on arrival. If your child has two unexplained late starts unfortunately they will receive a detention with our Deputy Principal.

If your child needs to leave school early

If your child is leaving early it is a legal requirement that you sign them out at the front office.

We are committed to ensuring your child is safe, so you should always let us know when and why they will be absent. When your child has left the school we do not hold a duty of care. Therefore it is important we communicate regarding your child’s attendance.  

Rewarding attendance

Because attendance is so important to your child’s success at school we have a reward program in place. When your child attends school 95% of the time or more, their name goes into a prize draw. Prizes are awarded each semester for each year level.

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