Lower School

All students in Years 7 to 10 study the core learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Society and Environment, Health Education and Physical Education. Your child will also have the opportunity to sample from a range of elective subjects.

Our aim is to provide learning areas that suit a range of student abilities and interests. Your child may need extra help, or love music, or be academically gifted – no matter where your child sits, we want to help them find their niche.


Students in Year 8 Mathematics essentially all receive a similar program.  The program aims to create an interest in Mathematics while covering the essential numeracy work and trying to foster problem solving and investigative skills.
The more able students will be provided with extension opportunities to further their mathematics knowledge and problem solving skills.

The progress of students in Lower School (Years 7 to 10) is constantly monitored and through this monitoring, regular changes are made to classes with the aim of keeping students of similar ability grouped together.   Teachers create programs of work to suit the ability level of the group so that opportunities in Upper School (Year 11 & 12) are optimised.  During Year 10 the Mathematics teachers will counsel their students regarding the best course of study to choose in Upper School.

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