Lower School – Years 8- 1 0

  • Australian Curriculum English
  • Australian Curriculum History
  • Society and Environment
    • Year 8 – Earth and People; Consumer and the Economy
    • Year 9 – Australian Landscapes; Government and Law
    • Year 10 – Economics; World and Environmental Issues

Upper School – Years 11 and 12

  • Stage 1A/B English
  • Stage 1C/D English
  • Stage 2A/B English
  • Stage 2C/D English
  • Stage 3A/B English
  • Stage 2A/B Media Production and Analysis
  • Stage 3A/B Media Production and Analysis

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Australian Curriculum English (Lower School)

Senior School English (Upper School)

Society and Environment (Lower School)

Australian Curriculum History (lower School)

Media Production and Analysis (Upper School ATAR)

Detailed information on each of these courses can be found in the Upper School Handbook on the Australian Curriculum Website and the Schools Standards and Authority Website


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