• Student Council

Student Council

Our Student Council forms a very important part of our school decision-making and leadership team through the representation of student views.

2020 School Captains

Darcy Croft and Katie Quill

2020 Prefects

Morgan Becker, Samara Coverley, Zane Moloney, Ankia Pelser, Tara Read-Wallis, Seth Scolari

2020 Student Councillors

Lola Henderson, Kate Abbott, Tyson Washer, Milla Harker, Baxter Miller, Porshia Ellison, Joshua Elliot, Earl Madridenos, Quinlan Croft, Piper White, Brydie Hanns, Narsiah Mumme, Chevy Ellison, Lachlan Sloan, Grace Earnshaw, Locchie Stallard





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