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2024 Year 11 Booklist

Business Plan

Welcome to the 2023 to 2026 Business Plan. To develop this plan, we have looked at our previous school review findings, analysed data and surveyed all key stakeholders. From these findings, we have been working with staff to reflect on what we are already achieving and how we can continue our school improvement journey over the next three to five years. The staff at Collie Senior High School seek to improve student outcomes and they strive to achieve this every day. We look to develop resilience, which allows our students to flourish on their learning journey. To achieve this, we need to work together on this journey.

Our review highlighted the many opportunities Collie Senior High School provide for students and how we can continue to develop individual student pathways whilst working within a classroom focus. High quality teaching is key to improved reading outcomes, working across schools and the community as we work together to develop this essential life skill.

Please download the Business Plan here.

Please download the Strategic Plan here.

Contributions and Charges

 2024 Contributions & Charges                                    Year 11 Booklist                                                  Year 12 Booklist


Parents at Collie Senior High School have a very good track record of paying their Voluntary Contributions and Charges. We appreciate the efforts of our parents and they should pride themselves on their continued support of their community high school.


The collection of these payments will enable us to continue to provide the best possible educational opportunities to our students. Parents are strongly encouraged to continue to pay all contributions and charges because this will help to support your child and provide the best learning environment.


Payment Options:


For your convenience, payment may be made via Direct Deposit, EFTPOS, Credit Card, cash or cheque:


Direct Deposit:            Bank:     Bendigo Bank Collie      

BSB:       633 000

Ac#:       150463578

Ref:        Student Name


In Person:                      Collie SHS Administration Office - Cash or EFTPOS



Mail:                               PO Box 808, COLLIE WA 6225


Payment Plans:


Parents who are unable to make full payment of contributions and charges on commencement of a course are encouraged to contact the school to discuss payment options in confidence with the Manager of Corporate Services. This ongoing co-operation between the school and parents is vitally important to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.


Secondary Assistance Scheme:


If you are the holder of a Centrelink Health Care Card, Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or Veterans Affair Pensioner Concession Card you may be eligible for up to $350 towards school expenses.  For more information contact the school office on 08 9735 1200.  Applications close Thursday, 28th March 2024.






Collie Senior High School is committed to ensuring that all members of the school community are able to learn effectively in a safe, secure, orderly and welcoming environment. We have adopted a Positive Behaviour Support system across the school to provide a clear framework for staff and students to identify what is expected within the Collie Senior High School community. There are four main expectations which form the Collie ARCH; these are Aspiration, Respect, Commitment and Honesty. The ARCH forms the foundation of the Collie Senior High School ethos of “We Strive” and provides the means for reinforcing good behaviour and redirecting poor behaviour can be successfully achieved. 


As a school community, we believe that home and school must share the responsibility for students to learn and demonstrate appropriate behaviour. By working together, we can provide more meaningful opportunities for students to behave responsibly and to respect themselves and others. Principles of procedural fairness, equity, cultural sensitivity and inclusivity underpin all decisions made. A student’s Good Standing is reinstated after the impacted time period.



All students have their Good Standing, however throughout the year a number of extra-curricular events are held. They have the opportunity to attend these events unless they have lost their Good Standing privilege. These events include:


Lead in Period

Interschool Sporting Events

4 School Weeks

Reward Days

4 School Weeks


4 School Weeks

Any Extra Curricular School Event

4 School Weeks

School Ball

6 School Weeks

Country Week

1 Term

School Tours ie. ANZAC

From tour selection until event.

For each event, there will be a defined lead-in period clearly outlined to students. During this lead-in period, students will lose the privilege of participating in the event if they:

are suspended from school;

  • fail to attend school without an explanation. Notes must be up to date;
  • are repeatedly late for school;
  • continually fail to be in school uniform; or
  • are withdrawn from a Learning Area for a week or more.

             Special Conditions

If suspended, students are ineligible for Semester super draws

  • If attending Country Week or Workplace Learning during Country Week, all course work must be up to date and signed off by the class teacher

The final decision is with the Principal.

The above criteria for loss of privileges apply for each event. Particular events may also have additional criteria pertaining to them. Students will be advised of these at the commencement of the lead in period.



These expectations are derived from the required school policies and are required to be followed once you enter the school site.



Choose healthy food and drink options to keep yourself healthy and ready for work.

 If not ordering from the canteen, all lunch options must be delivered through the front office.

 Chewing gum, soft drink and lollies belong at home.

 Eating is reserved for allocated breaks (recess and lunch).

 We are an asthma friendly school, so only roll-on deodorant can be brought to school.



Scooters and bikes must be parked in the specific areas provided. Please use the nearest exit point when safely riding to and from school.

 Movement during class time is only permitted through the use of a red pass issued by the teacher.

 Lower school students are expected to line up and only enter classrooms under the supervision of their teachers.

 Students are expected to stay within school boundaries at all times.

 Please ensure everyone is given 30 cm of personal space.



“Hoodies” and denim items are not part of our school uniform.

 Valuable items (such as mobile phones) can be deposited at the front office for safe-keeping and can be collected at the end of the day.

 Mobile phones and external listening devices (including earphones, earbuds and airpods) should be off and out of sight unless required for a class activity.

 Hats may be worn in classrooms when required for safety purposes only e.g. Woodwork.