Contributions and Charges

Contributions and Charges

Contributions and Charges allow us to enrich your child’s learning with extra resources.

Lower School
The basic charge of $235 provides class room sets of textbooks, daily classroom consumables, home work diary and information technology facilities.
Elective Units
Elective units additional charges. These payments required at the beginning of the school year.
Senior School
50 per cent of contributions and charges are required to be paid at the start of the school year. Charges will depend upon your child's particular course.
Voluntary Charges
These are set for amenities, Parents and Citizens Association and chaplaincy.
Fees and contributions can be paid in the following ways:
In full by the end of Term 1 Payment plan ie installments by either direct debit or credit card.

For more information about fees and contributions please download the 2023 Contributions and Charges Booklet

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