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The school office is open between the hours of 8:30am - 3:30pm.

Phone:  08 9735 1200

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Principal’s Message 2023

Welcome to our new Business Plan for 2023 to 2026. To develop this plan, we have looked at our previous school review findings, analysed data and surveyed all key stakeholders. From these findings, we have been working with staff to reflect on what we are already achieving and how we can continue our school improvement journey over the next three to five years. The staff at Collie Senior High School seek to improve student outcomes and they strive to achieve this every day. We look to develop resilience, which allows our students to flourish on their learning journey. To achieve this, we need to work together on this journey.

Our review highlighted the many opportunities Collie Senior High School provide for students and how we can continue to develop individual student pathways whilst working within a classroom focus. High quality teaching is key to improved reading outcomes, working across schools and the community as we work together to develop this essential life skill.

We look forward to working with you in the coming years and providing a fulfilling Secondary Education for all students.





For information on Uniform Shop and Canteen please see the Information tab.


Kelly Skilling - President and Uniform Co-Ordinator

Liz Roney - Secretary

Peter Daniels - Treasurer

Kristy Delfante - Canteen Manager

School Board

Below are our current School Board Members:

Paul Reuben – Chairperson

Andrew Whitney – Deputy Chairperson

Kirsten Thomson – Secretary

Kylie Holden

Stuart Kirk

Dawn Windle

Susan Lee 

Natalie Cook

Mike Podgorny

Tara van Beuningen

Ebony Whitney

Austin Bates


Contact Us

The Front Office is open between the hours of 8:30am - 3:30pm.

Phone:  08 9735 1200

Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


History of the School

Strong Tradition and Commitment

Since 1952 Collie Senior High School has delivered academic, university and vocational pathways for the children of the Collie community. We still have high expectations for our students because successful students equal a successful community.

In 1899, the first school in Collie was opened in a rented building by Mr J.T. Blaire with an enrolment of 55. The name of the town was then Coalville and the school was named Coalville School. In 1900, a new, two-roomed school was erected, the enrollment being 110. In 1903 the name of the school was changed to Collie.

For many years from 1924, the original school with its subsequent buildings, catered for both primary and post-primary children and was known as Collie District High School. In 1948, Collie reached the status of a three year High School with an enrolment of 200 post-primary students.

In 1951, the first class of fourth year students was established and in the following year nine students sat for the Leaving Examination (32 students sat for the Junior Examination in 1952).

In 1958 an overall plan was prepared for all buildings on the original site to be converted to High School purposes. These necessitated additional classrooms being erected at Wilson Park and the establishment of a new school at North Collie which was named Fairview.

In 1959, the first stage of conversion and modernisation of the School commenced with the first additions being officially opened on December 1, 1960. Further additions have been made over the years, the most recent of which was the construction of a new Administration block and Staff Room with the upgrade of a number of practical areas and the extension of the library in 2004.

Leadership and Executive Team


Dale Miller Principal
  Ms Dale Miller
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 Michael Podgorny
  Mr Michael Podgorny
  Deputy Principal
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 Bridgid Lafferty


  Mrs Bridgid Lafferty
  Deputy Principal
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Student Council



Our Student Council forms a very important part of our school decision-making and leadership team through the representation of student views.

2023 School Captains

Austin Bates and Ebony Whitney

2023 Prefects

Austin Bates, Ebony Whitney, Baxter Miller, Elizabeth Mortimer, Megan Roney, Skye Washer and Isabella Peden

2023 Student Councillors

Year 11 - Katy O'Brien, Tyson Washer, Lola Henderson, Alexis Milne

Year 10 - Jay Chapman, Keet O'Brien, Ruby Whitney and Jet Gliddon

Year 9 - Heidi Ireland, Kaz Digney, Regan Moloney and Rory Millman

Year 8 - Macqui Jones, Thomas Whitney, Harper Roney and Ava Roney

Year 7 - James Fraser, Lucas Stewart, Sierra Martin and Sophia Michael





House System

Collie Senior High School has the following Houses:

Muja  Miss Thomson Red with black trim 
Wellington  Mrs Cole Green with yellow trim 
Griffin Mr Ireland Yellow with red trim
Phoenix Mrs Ienco Blue with yellow trim

Our House system helps foster your child’s sense of belonging at school. Being a House member develops team and school spirit through competition in a range of areas such as sporting and academic pursuits.

Our House Leaders play an important role in your child’s life at school. They play a counseling role and help with personal, peer, discipline and emotional issues that may arise from time to time.  


Student Services

Collie Senior High School has an extensive pastoral care system to support and guide our students. Student Services staff focus on early intervention to assist students in need by establishing effective collaboration between students, staff, parents and external agencies to best support student academic achievement and wellbeing.

We assist in the development of sound emotional, physical, social and psychological health. We promote the school’s expectations of Aspiration – Respect – Commitment - Honesty so that all students experience a sense of belonging and connection with their school community.

Do I know who I go to if I

  • feel upset?
  • need help with my study routine?
  • feel stressed?
  • have an issue I need help with?
  • am struggling with my friends?
  • need first-aid?
  • have a health issue?
  • need general support?

 Roles and Responsibilities

Student Engagement Manager

  • Manages the operation of the Student Services Centre
  • Coordinates the transition program from Years 6 to 7
  • Offers one to one support to students, staff and families
  • Works closely with the Deputies and Student Services Team on all matters to do with student behaviour and social and emotional development

House leaders

  • Responsible for the pastoral care of students by offering advice and support in all aspects of school life including subjects, study, social and family concerns
  • Provides leadership and direction to their House
  • Encourages students to participate in school and community events
  • Liaises with parents about academic, social and emotional issues concerning students


  • Supports students and parents in time of need
  • Supports a caring consciousness within the school

School Nurse

  • Identifies students who may have health problems which affect them in school
  • Prepares care plans and procedures to manage health problems
  • Provides health education for students, staff and parents and health promotions
  • Is a resource for students, staff and parents and provides links to outside agencies

School Psychologist

  • Mental health and well-being:
    • Provides direct support for students experiencing mental health and well-being difficulties
    • Assists the school and children to maximise development of positive mental health and well-being
  • Learning:
    • Where appropriate, conducts assessments of students experiencing learning difficulties and/or disabilities at school
    • Supports the school in making appropriate curriculum adjustments for students in order to enhance their learning outcomes
  • Behaviour:
    • Works with students, parents and the school to identify and change target behaviours at the individual, group and systemic level

Aboriginal and Indigenous Education Officers (AIEO’s)

  • provide support to staff, students and the Aboriginal community in an effort to enhance the effectiveness of school based programs.
  • support to the school and class teacher, a positive role model, consultant to the education program and teaching aspects of Aboriginal culture.
  • Liaison Role between Aboriginal parents and teachers encouraging parent involvement in school, and conducting home liaison visits.

 Youth Focus

  • Works with Collie Senior High School one day per week
  • Provide free, professional counselling service for young people who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts depression, anxiety and self harm

Student Services Building

  • Most team members are housed in the Student Services Centre, there is a staff member on duty from 8.15am to 3.15pm Monday to Friday

 Contact List

Student Engagement Manager

Mrs Corry-Lynne Blurton

House Leaders

Phoenix – Mrs Candice Ienco

Muja – Miss Kirsten Thomson

Griffin – Mr Chris Ireland

Wellington – Mrs Coralie Cole


Mrs Stacey Munday

School Psychologist

Miss Brooke Coverley

School Nurse

Ms Valinda Sabourne


Miss Tobie Watson


Ms Narelle Carroll




Collie Senior High School