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History of the School

Strong Tradition and Commitment

Since 1952 Collie Senior High School has delivered academic, university and vocational pathways for the children of the Collie community. We still have high expectations for our students because successful students equal a successful community.

In 1899, the first school in Collie was opened in a rented building by Mr J.T. Blaire with an enrollment of 55. The name of the town was then Coalville and the school was named Coalville School. In 1900, a new, two-roomed school was erected, the enrollment being 110. In 1903 the name of the school was changed to Collie.

For many years from 1924, the original school with its subsequent buildings, catered for both primary and post-primary children and was known as Collie District High School. In 1948, Collie reached the status of a three year High School with an enrolment of 200 post-primary students.

In 1951, the first class of fourth year students was established and in the following year nine students sat for the Leaving Examination (32 students sat for the Junior Examination in 1952).

In 1958 an overall plan was prepared for all buildings on the original site to be converted to High School purposes. These necessitated additional classrooms being erected at Wilson Park and the establishment of a new school at North Collie which was named Fairview.

In 1959, the first stage of conversion and modernisation of the School commenced with the first additions being officially opened on December 1, 1960. Further additions have been made over the years, the most recent of which was the construction of a new Administration block and Staff Room with the upgrade of a number of practical areas and the extension of the library in 2004.

Leadership and Executive Team


Dale Miller Deputy Principal
Dale Miller
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Adam Blackmore Deputy Principal
Adam Blackmore
Deputy Principal
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 Jodie Hanns Deputy Principal



Jodie Hanns

Deputy Principal
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Student Council

Our Student Council forms a very important part of our school decision-making and leadership team through the representation of student views.

Liam Shepherd and Grace Sheppard are our 2019 School Captains.



House System

Collie Senior High School has the following Houses:

Muja  Mr Wayman Red with black trim 
Wellington  Mrs Cole Green with yellow trim 
Griffin Mrs Crellin Yellow with red trim
Phoenix Mr Varis Blue with yellow trim

Our House system helps foster your child’s sense of belonging at school. Being a House member develops team and school spirit through competition in a range of areas such as sporting and academic pursuits.

Our House Leaders play an important role in your child’s life at school. They play a counseling role and help with personal, peer, discipline and emotional issues that may arise from time to time.  


Caring for your child

Pastoral Care at Collie Senior High School involves looking after the physical, emotional and social well-being of students and staff. We understand that high school is about more than just education. It’s about empowering your child so that they grow into a confident learner and a positive, happy and productive young adult. When your child feels secure they can push boundaries and feel excited about the future.

We have a magnificent purpose-built student services facility which enables our staff to help support you and your child as you navigate your way through secondary school together.

Our experienced specialist staff are available to provide advice when needed, to arrange extra help if that is what is required and to listen.

Whether your child has special learning requirements, is particularly gifted or talented or has a particular career in mind, our student service team is here to direct them on the right path.

For more information on the services available please contact:

School Nurse

Available four days a week at the school, our School Nurse is available for health assessments and to provide information, advice, referral and support services for our students. Having a school nurse encourages the development of knowledge, skills and behavior relating to health and wellbeing. It also encourages our young adults to cope with health issues and make healthy lifestyle choices. Our students are able to refer themselves to the nurse but any visit during lesson time must be approved but the teacher.

The nurse is located in the Student Services Building.
T: (08) 9735 1247

School Chaplain

Our school chaplains provide a Christian presence at the school. Our chaplains are available for pastoral counseling, spiritual guidance, mediation, and to provide support to our students and staff so that any problems or issues can be managed effectively.

T: (08)9735 1200
E:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

School Psychologist

Working in partnership with the school staff, our school psychology service uses its expertise to assist our students, teachers and other staff to achieve the best outcomes for our students. They work proactively with our school in raising psychological issues and priorities that help support the school’s goals. And they are also available to our students, who may from time to time which to access the services of a psychologist. Students can make an appointment through the front office. Parents can also make enquiries by contacting the school.

Mission and Values

Mission Statement

To ensure all students have personalised opportunities to develop skills, knowledge and confidence through high quality school education, to pursue the future of their choice.

Our Values


Successful Students = Successful Communities

We thrive by living our VALUES and by being:

We are family. We are welcoming, caring and accommodating. We know we do our best work when we work together. Our school is our home to learn and grow.
We embrace who we are. We are natural and easy going. We follow required guidelines and achieve with minimal fuss and formality.
We are adventurous and like variety. We're always open to try new things and actively search out opportunities, experiences and challenges!
We work and learn with humour and fun and we make time to celebrate our efforts.
We respect and value the support of our local community and generously give back.

We continually seek out what we don't know. We are practical and adaptable and can think on our feet. We are determined and never give up.

These values are supported by our key principles




Principal’s Message

I’m so proud of our school. We have a fantastic reputation in our community and personally, I believe this is because we have fantastic people at our school made up both our staff and our students.
Our staff, both teaching and non-teaching are a credit to us.  They are a group of dedicated, passionate and talented leaders. They set the tone for the school.  The experience and enthusiasm they impart on our students results in a caring, positive culture where your child is able to navigate the sometimes challenging years of secondary school.

We work hard to ensure our values of learning, equity, excellence and care are not just bland statements, but are behind all that we do on a practical level. We are committed to the fundamentals of pastoral care and that above all else your child is cared for.
Our students have access to some amazing educational opportunities. Skilled experts lead our academic courses. These are the core subjects that help lay the foundations for learning for life.

We also have significant vocational education and training programs with industry links and well equipped facilities. So if your child is interested in starting a career at school, we can provide this option too.

A well rounded experience at school is important to your child’s well being. There are loads of extracurricular activities on offer as well. Music, art, drama, dance, sport, and civic interests are all part of the big picture here at Collie Senior High School.

At the end of their time at our school, we want your child to be a successful student and a happy and productive member of our community. To make this happen

We Strive – because anything is possible. We want students to Aspire to be their best, Respect themselves, Commit to education and be Honest with themselves and the community.

Dale Miller Principal

Collie Senior High School